How to begin to work with Drupal

Let us presume that you don`t want to order website from programmer and you would like to install Drupal yourself and to set it up. This is a great idea! It is better to start with choosing the hosting.  Drupal hosting requirments.

I recommend to order the hosting optimized for Drupal. My choice is  A2Hosting for english language sites and IT Patrol for russian language websites.

After you bought the hosting, you need to get the domain to let people visit the site by typing the domain in the browser. Sometimes hoster offers top or second  level domain name for free ( you can get such information at  the hoster website or you can contact the Support).

After the hosting payment or before it if there is a demo period you will get your credentials to your email. Log in hosting control panel using the access you got. Usually if you buy domain from the same hoster it will be added into your cpanel. If not you need to find Domains area in your cpanel and to add the domain. Then you need to redirect NS servers of your domain registrator to your hosting provider NS. Usually there are 2 of them:  NS1 and  NS2

Some hosters provide the opportunity of free/automatic Drupal installation.  For example Drupal had been installed at A2Hosting. This is more faster and easier than you do it yourself. It is better to ask the Support if there is such option. 

Now you need to download the distribution from



Download the latest version Recommended releases. Then choose Extract into current folder


Now we have the Drupal files folder. Open the folder, choose all the files and select  Add to archieve by clicking right button of the mouse. All the files were in the folder in the original archieve. If we upload the archive like this to the hosting and extract it we will get all the files in this unnecessary folder. But they should be placed in the root of the directory, in A2Hosting. This is public_html.

Now we have 2 ways of uploading the files to the hosting. The first one is fast and easy to use file manager in cpanel and the second one is via ftp clientfilezilla.
Log in cpanel and try to find file manager.

 Example in A2:

Find the public_html folder and open it

Now choose Upload at the top of the panel and upload the archieve with Drupal from your PC that was recreated.  When the archive is uploaded you need to choose Extract, now all your Drupal files at the hosting. But you need to some more. Firstly,  to create data base you need to go back to cpanel and to find MySQL DataBases  area.

Create the DataBase here.

Then create the user of database and remember the password.  After that you need to appoint the user you created to this database. And the last step - type the domain in the browser. You should see the following:

If you can see this it means that you have success! Choose standart, provide the database details you created and other  information. Now all is simple! After the configuration is finished the site will be ready to work! You have your own website!