Hello, and thanks for visiting my site!

If you are looking for creation a Landing Page, Online store, Personal site, Corporative site etc., i can help you. I'm a  professional web developer with more than 8 years  experience of building complex web applications.
My Drupal experience:
I have over 8 years of Drupal experience. I can do any task involving Drupal, including frontend and backend. 
My experience includes:
- Creation of mobile/responsive themes 
- Creation of custom modules: payment module, Ajax search, Amazon S3 file storage, Facebook image feed, Digest, etc.
- Functional configuration using existing modules and via admin panel
- Updating of Drupal, versions 6, 7, and 8
- Troubleshooting
All my skills:
CMS: Drupal, Magento. 
Frameworks: Angular, Laravel, Ruby on Rails. 
Libraries: React.js, JQuery.
Programming languages: PHP, HTML, CSS3, HTML5, Java Script, Ruby. 
BD: MySQL, Redis, MongoDB. 
Other skills: HTML mail, GIT, SASS, Bootstrap, Grunt, Node.JS, Express, Jade, Ejs, AJAX, JSON, XML, SEO, REST API. 
Integration with third-party services: Amazon S3 API, Facebook API, Salesforce, Ebay APi, payment getaway.