Drupal 8 basic part 8: Blocks

Drupal Blocks list

You can see the list of existing blocks by using "Structure" -> "Block layout" menu item.

 block layout menu item 

The are two types of blocks: system blocks (menu blocks, views blocks etc.) and custom blocks (you can add one or more custom blocks).  If you want to display any available block, you should place the block in the region (place on the web page). Each Drupal theme provides the  list of available regions.
Drupal 8 blocks page 

If you want to know where regions are  placed on the web page,  use "Demonstrate block regions" link

Demonstrate block regions 

Bootstrap theme regions:
Bootstrap theme regions 

In order to place block to region use "Place block" buttons or "Region" select list opposite each region.



Drupal block configuration

When you create a new custom block next configurations are availbale:

1. Block description - A brief description of your block (visible on Custom blocks library page)

2. Body - custom block has body field

3. Revision information


When you place any block to region next configurations are availbale for you:

1. Block title (visible for users above block content and on the blocks list page)

2. Display title - yes/no (visibility for users)

3. Content types - Specify content types where the block should be visible or hidden. 

4. PagesSpecify pages by using their paths where the block should be visible or hidden. 

5. Roles - Hide or show the block for user based on their roles

6. Region where the block should be displayed


On the blocks page next configurations are availbale for each block:

1. Enable/disable state - disable block are not available for users

2. Region where the block should be displayed