Drupal 8 basic part 6: View module

View module allows you to  display the list of pages, orders, users etc. Most often it is used to display a list of content.

Let`s create our first view. Click on "Structure" -> "Views" link, "Add view" button.

View basic information


View settings


Page settings

You can setup view as a page or/and block. You can show a block on another page. I will use both for example.


Block settings


You can use only block or page as you need it. Click save and edit after that. You can test the page after that: use your-site-domain-name/test. The page is working but it is empty.




In order to display content we should create content. Lets create a few test pages: Click on the "Content" link, "Add content" button, "Article" link. Fill the title, tags, image fields and click save, repeat it a few times.

After that update the test page


You can see the list of the pages.