Drupal 8 basic part 1: Install drupal 8 via Cpanel

MySQL database

1. Open your Cpanel

2. Find "MySQL® Databases" icon

Cpanel MySQL db manager


3. Type db name into "Create new database" field and click "Create" button


4. Nexst step - to create database user on the "MySQL® Databases" page: use  "Add new user" form. You will need to save pass in a safe place in order to use it for drupal configuration in future.

Mysql add new user form in Cpanel

It is better to use password generator

Cpanel MySQL pass generator

5. After that we should add our new user to our new database. It's easy to use "Add user to database" form on the "MySQL® Databases" page. Select your new user and database and click "Add"

Add iser to database form

Select all privileges on the next page and click "Make changes"


Domain name

If you  added your domain name, when you bought hosting plan, domain name should be already configured and linked to "public_html" folder. Otherwise you can add domain or subdomain name using "Addon domains" or "Subdomains" manager in Cpanel

Cpanel domain manager

i will use subdomain name

Add subdomain form in Cpanel

Upload drupal files

1. Let's get the latest Drupal 8 version from Drupal org. Go to www.drupal.org/download and download the latest version of Drupal 8.

drupal download

2. After that open your Cpanel, find "file manager" and open it

Cpanel filemanager

3. Go to your domain folder, upload the drupal archive and extract it

4. After that go to your extracted drupal folder (on my screenshot "drupal-8.4.3") and move the files from this folder to your domain root folder because we should have all the  files in the domain root folder.


Setup Drupal 8

1. Open your domain or subdomain url in your browser. You should see something like that: If not, please wait. DNS update  takes some time.

2. Select your language and click "Save and continue"

3. Select "Standart" profile and click "Save and continue"
4. Check your server compatibility on the "Requirements review" step. Improve your server if something wrong and/or click "continue anyway" link at the bottom of the page
5. Database configuration step. Use credentials of your database.

Click "Save and continie"
6. Wait.

7. Configure site step. Fill all the required fields and click "Save and continue"


I recommend configure cron job after that