Configure cPanel Cron Job

If you use hosting or server with Cpanel it is easy to do. Cron setting-up is very important for drupal.

Open your Cpanel and do search by "cron" keyword:

Click on the "Cron Jobs" icon. You will see cron configuration page. At the middle of the page you will see the "Add new cron job" form. 

Select "once per hour" in "Common settings" field, it should be fine. Put something like "" if you have Lynx on your web server or "wget -O /dev/null -q -t 1" if you have wget on your web server to "Command" field and click "Add new cron job" button.

In order to get string like "" for your web site please open report page on your web site (/admin/reports/status) and copy the string opposite "Cron maintenance tasks"

As result you will see your job task in the "Current cron jobs" table

In order to check if  it works or not please check report page on your web site (/admin/reports/status) after a few hours. You should see something like this